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The Kids in Service site was created to inspire families to participate in age appropriate service projects to help their community and beyond.

What will you find on the Kids in Service Site?
  • Age Appropriate Service Project Ideas For Kids
  • Activities that Teach Children about Kindness & Gratitude
  • Book Recommendations to help reinforce the themes of Kindness & Gratitude
  • Stories of Incredible Kids and Families who are Making a Difference in their Communities
  • Seasonal Projects, Activities & Stories
  • Websites and Resources to Find Service Projects in Your Area



It’s February!!  Kids in Service is going to fill up this short month with KINDNESS.  We are having a 7 Days of Kindness Challenge and we hope that you and your family will participate.  There will be 3 winners and so many chances to ENTER.


Click HERE for details about the 7 days of Kindness Challenge.

New on the site this month you will find lots of ideas for Random Acts of Kindness to help you with the 7 Day Kindness Challenge. These include making a Kindness Jar with your children, Project Dollar Store and Project Appreciation.   We also have fun ideas for the February Holidays: Candlemas, Chinese New Year Valentine’s Day. We also put together a section for Black History Month where we share resources that focus on leadership and courage.

Our Hygge Series consists of 5 different articles devoted to inspire self care and quality family time.  Don’t forget to check out the Service Project Ideas for the month of February.  We also have a list of great books for Valentine’s Day and our favorite books for hygge time.  If you purchase a book from Amazon through our site, 20% of proceeds will go to the Kids in Service charity of the season, LOVE DOES.

-Peace and Kindness

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